• Perfect for the independent, self motivated type looking to come in with headphones and follow your own program
    Base grants access to our extensive open gym area, weight floor + locker room
    Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Lifting platforms, Gymnastics Training, 70ft performance turf, Cardio equipment
    Towel Service


    • Perfect for the independent types who still want a taste of community + quality coaching to reach their goals!
    • In addition to facility access, PLUS grants you access to 6 classes a month.
    • Quarterly body composition assessments.

Limitless Year Contract

    • Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to commit to something lifechanging.
    • Commit to us for a year and we’ll give you the best price possible.
    • Same perks as Limitless, but with a $300 yearly savings!

Limitless Month to Month

    • Perfect for those who want it all. Endless variety of classes + perks provide everything you need for a high-performance life.
    • Over 100 classes weekly
    • Body composition screens
    • Infrared Sauna visits
    • 50% off for a family member


  • Love Pharos but don't live close to our locations? Get remote coaching and programming from Pharos.


    • PHAROS 'Ride and Repair' membership.
    • In addition to facility access, R&R grants you access to unlimited RIDE, REPAIR and FLOW classes.
    • Free access to Yoga events.

Revision Program

  • The Revision Program is a hybrid healing system that combines structural care, massage and movement therapy in order to maximize just how good your body can feel and perform. We use a systemic, hands-on approach to unwind and rewire the body that results in better mechanics, less pain and powerful performance.

Massage Tune Up - 60 min

  • Includes 1 60minute Massage Monthly

Massage Tune Up - 90 mins

  • 1 90 Minute Massage Monthly